coEX Linie 93 + 54 pipe 250-3 Piggyback

battenfeld-cincinnati offers a variety of co-extrusion solutions for pipe and profile.


The polymer industry’s innovation and earnings potential lies in the production of extremely high quality compounds. End products should be reinforced, scratch-resistant, flame-retardant, weather-resistant and at the same time resource-saving. This requires a compounder which easily and thoroughly mixes in significant amounts of additives. Meet COMPEO, the new state-of-the-art compounder delivering more diversity in its application, greater flexibility in process engineering, and increased value added in compound manufacturing.

Container Mixer i4

MIXACO has been an innovation leader in the mixing industry for years. With the innovative container mixer i4 we are going one step further into the future.

Container Mixer Multitool™

The MIXACO container mixer Multitool™ is ideal for the careful mixing of temperature-sensitive materials. An innovative mixing concept with new tools and a special process enables mixing without temperature increase.

Container Mixer Vortex™

It is suitable for any industry where different recipes need to be mixed in quick succession, resulting in frequent mixer cleaning. As the transport container and mixer head are separate units, products can be conveyed to the next processing station without loss of time.

Coriolis mass flow scale CDW150

Power range options
2000-40000 dm³/h
3000-100000 dm³/h
10000-160000 dm³/h


Backflush screen changer for maximum screen service life


Corrosion-resistant dosing pumps for chemical processes

extrex® RV/RB

High performance gear pump for rubber extruder

extrex⁶ ER

Booster pump for the elastomeric processing industry

FiberXpert FX80



Corrosion-resistant gear pumps for chemical processes

FlexWall® FW120-0


FlexWall®Plus FW80-7


Heating/Cooling Horizontal Mixer

The combination with a horizontal cooling mixer is the perfect solution for high-performance applications requiring larger throughput volumes.

Heating/Cooling Vertical Mixer

The vertical cooling mixer is an economical, robust solution for throughput volumes up to 2,500 kg/h.

High-Speed Mixer

A high friction rate is achieved by circumferential speeds of 15-40 m/s, resulting in intensive heating of the product. The required power input can be regulated flexibly.


Grey cast iron gear pump for industrial processes


Discontinuous heating, crystallization, drying and coating of batches of different plastics and other bulk materials in minutes instead of hours.


IR-CLEAN® Super-Clean recycling process. With the IR-CLEAN® system, KREYENBORG offers an attractive and cost-effective alternative for the direct reprocessing of PET post-consumer flakes for food contact packaging. FDA & EFSA verifications…


KAPA is the successful model of SBI, developed for films. Kapa I up to 2mm thick. Kapa II up to 6mm thick.

Laboratory Container Mixer

The MIXACO laboratory container mixer is ideal for mixing the small quantities typically required for product development or the monitoring of industrial production.

Pipe heads with adjustable melt gap (FDC)

battenfeld-cincinnati also offers pipe heads with adjustable melt gap for FDC (fast dimension change) – the dimension change system for pipe extrusion lines.

Sack and drum mixer Speedy™

The basic principle of the MIXACO sack and drum mixer Speedy™ is the mixing of small batches directly in sacks or drums. The product remains in its original container throughout the entire workflow—from filling and mixing to conveying and discharging—thereby significantly reducing costly, time-consuming cleaning times.


SHADOW is a readily used direct measuring system for the systems in which films up to 3,5mm are produced.


STG was developed for thick rigid plates. Two laser distance sensors scan the distance to the surface above and below a plate running through an O-frame. This will determine the thickness of the plate in a direct way.

Support Cart for extrex6

Support cart for multifunctional applications


System for controlling the film thickness profile, which can be controlled with all modern thickness gauges.

Two-stage planetary roller extruder ZSE 200-250

Planetary roller extruders
For calender feeding and calender coating
The classic application area is feeding calender and coating lines for the production of PVC sheet. Two-stage planetary roller extruders are also used for pelletizing.

We offer single-stage and two-stage planetary roller extruders. We pay special attention to manufacturing the gear elements that must interlock like high-precision cogwheels.

Universal Mixer vertical

In particular, the universal mixer’s highly flexible design possibilities enable it to be adapted easily to suit the required mixing task and individual on-site requirements. The MIXACO universal mixer is available in sizes from 20 to 6,000 liters.

Vibrating Tray Feeder DVT200


Weight-Belt Feeder DBW800




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